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Boom Pump Sizes


20 Meter

Offering a compact design, the 20Z-Meter is ideal for busy urban job sites. It offers both the lowest unfolding height at 12′ 10″and smallest front outrigger spread at 11′ 2″ of any truck-mounted boom pump on the market today. This pump can be used indoors,under overhead structures and in tunnels.
Vertical Reach: 63’9″ Horizontal Reach: 51’10”

1404842712_pdfDownload Putzmeister 20Z Spec Sheet


28 Meter

This boom offers more articulation than any other boom in its class. This boom gets you in places no other boom can. Use inside enclosed structures or under bridge decks and mezzanines with low unfolding height. Perfect for residential foundation and light commercial work.
Vertical Reach: 90′ Horizontal Reach: 78′

1404842712_pdf Download Schwing 28X Spec Sheet


32 Meter

The original and for many contractors the best all around boom pump type for fast unfolding, easy clean out and precision placement. Great balance between reach and set-up space. Ideal for Residential and Commercial jobs where space is limited.
Vertical Reach: 103′ Horizontal Reach: 91′

1404842712_pdf Download Schwing 32M Spec Sheet 


36 Meter

The 36M boom pump provides the lightest 4 section boom on the road today. This unit is easy to move on and off job sites. “X” Style outriggers provide the versatility contractors need to set up quickly on cramped job sites. Vertical Reach: 117′ Horizontal Reach: 105′

1404842712_pdfDownload Putzmeister 36Z Spec Sheet 


39 Meter

4 Section Roll and Fold provides contractors with an easy unfolding boom pump that incorporates Schwing’s exclusive Super X Outriggers® that set-up fast and provide a compact and stable platform for pumping.
Vertical Reach: 126′ Horizontal Reach: 114′

1404842712_pdfDownload Schwing 39M Spec Sheet 


42 Meter

This Boom features a compact telescopic diagonal x-outrigger design for quicker and easier setup in the tightest of areas with enhanced maneuverability. The Free Flow Hydraulic system provides a smooth controllable pumping.
Vertical Reach: 137′ Horizontal Reach: 124′

1404842712_pdfDownload Putzmeister 42M Spec Sheet 

46 Meter

The innovative Overhead Roll and Fold™ boom design works so well on bridges, commercial and industrial work. Discover the versatility of a boom with a main section that articulates 180-degrees.
Vertical Reach: 148′ Horizontal Reach: 137′
1404842712_pdfDownload Schwing 46SX Spec Sheet
1404842712_pdfDownload KCP 46M Spec Sheet 

52 Meter

With an output of 210 cy/hr and a 5 section boom this pump is great for any job the is tall and wide. High Rise Buildings, Large Flat work Jobs, Commercial buildings, bridge decks and industrial work.
Vertical Reach: 170′ Horizontal Reach: 158′

1404842712_pdfDownload Schwing 52M Spec Sheet 

55 Meter

This pump can maneuver up, out, over and under obstacles to reach further into buildings and provide reliable concrete delivery. Commercial buildings, bridge decks and industrial work.
Vertical Reach: 180′ Horizontal Reach: 167′

1404842712_pdfDownload Schwing 55M Spec Sheet 

58 Meter

The unique 180-degree articulation of the main section  allows best deployment of the other three sections on mid-rise structures, bridge work and commercial projects. And the long, slow-stroking action of the Generation 3 pump translates to fewer and smoother boom reactions for longer boom life

Vertical Reach: 189′ Horizontal Reach: 175′

1404842712_pdfDownload 58M Putzmeister Spec Sheet 

6104 009

61 Meter

When SIZE and REACH matters… this pump is perfect for mid-rise structures, bridge work and commercial projects. A balance of boom utilization, compact set up, nimble handling and reliable pumping.
Vertical Reach: 197′ Horizontal Reach: 185′

1404842712_pdfDownload Schwing 61M Spec Sheet
1404842712_pdfDownload Putzmeister 61M Spec Sheet 

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